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Name:Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Life  is  bigger,  it's bigger  than  you,  and you  are not me.  The lengths
that I will go to, the distance in your eyes.  Oh,  no,  I've said  too much-
I set it up.  That's  me  in  the corner, that's  me  in  the  spotlight, losing
my religion, trying to keep up with you.  And  I don't know if I  can do it,
oh,  no,  I've  said  too  much-  I  haven't  said enough.  I  thought  that I
heard you laughing, I thought that I heard you  sing.  I think  I thought I
saw  you   try.   Every whisper  of  every  waking  hour I'm choosing my

Traveling Priest

confessions,  trying  to  keep  an  eye  on  you.   Like  a  hurt  lost  and
blinded bull, fool.  Oh, no, I've said too much- I set it up.  Consider this-
consider  this,  the  hint  of  the  century.   Consider  this,  the  slip  that
brought  me  to  my knees,  failed.  What  if all  these  fantasies  come
flaming  aground?   Now I've said  too  much.  I thought that I heard you
laughing, I thought that I heard you sing. I think I thought I saw you try.
But  that  was  just  a   d r e a m ,  that  was  just  a   d r e a m . dream

|[This is a roleplay journal for [info]wastedlands. I am not from another planet, or an ordained priest, or an occasional assassin for hire. I am a big fan of Trigun and although I wish I had created it, I am not Yasuhiro Nightow, though I would love to give him a big, big hug. I derive great entertainment but no profit or anything else from this journal. Don't take things too seriously.]|

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